Ken Benn


Professional Background

  • Business research as well as leadership training workshops in Strategic Management and narrative management skills.
  • Education consulting and freelance teaching at school and tertiary level.
  • Extensive experience in software reserach, development and training in New Zealand and South Africa
  • Successfully managed the MBA Program of Massey University Graduate School of Businesswith over 200 students, over thirty staff members, and four different delivery sites throughout New Zealand
  • A successful freelance writer with books published by reputable publishers including Pearson Publishing and Thomson New House


Mr. Kenneth Benn has well developed communication skills, a keen sense of task commitment, a flexible but goal focused leadership style and no tolerance for gender or cultural prejudice of any description. His wide range of interest enables him to relate to a broad spectrum of people. Within the education setting he is therefore able to span the curriculum and apply information technology skills to this spectrum. While Ken is an educator at heart, previous leadership positions that has held, and the experience gained in running his own business, have endowed him with a good set of entrepreneurial skills.


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